Pueblo Our New Home

Well…it happened. On April 1 (not April Fools) the moving coming packed our home in Zanesville OH. On April 3 the movers loaded and departed. We departed Zanesville and drove to Greenville IL to spend the night.

On April 4 we started our final leg to Pueblo. Along the way we had a tire blow out on our trailer and we came face to face with two deer in the middle of the road from Limon CO to Colorado Springs. We spent the night in The Springs with our daughter’s family.

On the morning of April 5 we arrived at the parsonage / church in Pueblo. We camped out on the floor for several nights before the movers delivered our belongs on April 9.

I preached my first sermon on April 7.

We quickly have fell in love with our new Community of Faith and the Pueblo CO city.

More to come later……