Whose Worldview

We sit here on the verge of starting a new year.  I find it interesting that we place so much emphasis on this idea of closing out one period of 365 days for a new period of 365 days.  Let’s be really honest, what’s the bid deal?  For me, I do not see this “significant” date as really very important in the way we do and should live our lives.

A better barometer should be how does God desire for us to live our lives.  He is not focused on a calendar.  After all he exists outside of “our time.”  He is the creator of the universe (for those who might be going – WHAT? Take a look at the Biblical text and the Philosophical argument titled the Kalam Cosmological Argument).  

To wrap our head around this concept think of taking a bow and arrow.  Launch the arrow toward the target.  Where the arrow penetrates the target in just a fraction of its visible surface.  God’s view of the world is the target.  Our view of the world is the arrow.  God’s worldview is much bigger than our worldview.

As we come to the end of this “year”. Let’s ask, how can I/we live into God’s preferred future?  Let’s not expect God to live into our preferred future.

God is bigger than My/Our simple worldview.

I/We were created by God to live in His world

Therefore, I/we must align myself/ourselves with God’s worldview.

Let’s quit looking backward and live into God’s preferred future.