Christmas Eve 2018

It is 7:30 AM as I sit in front of this computer hand on the keys and staring at the screen, just two hours after awakening from what I would call a lack luster night of sleep. If I was a toddler, I would say it was in anticipation of the Christmas season. But for someone who just reached the milestone of 58 years of age today – that’s not it.

I guess my restless is more about what does the Triune God have in store for me (and Judy). I have not been very good at waiting. For those who know me, I am very decisive and quick to make decisions. That is an asset as an entrepreneur and business owner. But in terms of “waiting”, let me just say WOW.

So here I sit. Pondering. Reflecting. Waiting.

I have brought to this process of waiting all my Theological and Philosophical skills. (Cue Jeopardy music – no copyright or trademark infringements intended).

Still nothing.

I guess it is much like the Christmas tradition of Advent – waiting, preparation, anticipation. While the world groaned, the Triune God become “God With Us” or Emmanuel.

Knowing this makes my waiting much easier. I have to trust in a Triune God who is faithful, true, just and loving.

Restlessness is part of our human brokenness. So I rejoice in the wait. I rejoice in the restlessness. And I claim my brokenness that is made whole in Emmanuel – GOD WITH US.